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For all enquiries contact: horace.silverman@gmail.com or text 07803197012

© Horace Silverman & The White Gardenias 2014

Horace Silverman and The White Gardenias are a very special six piece band, based in the north east of England, dedicated to preserving the magic of the music of the 1920s and 30s.

The arrangements bring an innovative style and a fresh approach to each song, leaving a memorable impression for the audience.
The musicians from various backgrounds create their own surprises, with songs from the various musical genres and decades. Audiences can also enjoy music from across the world, calling upon a range of traditions, including jazz standards, early folk music with Eastern European and Appalachian influences.

The diversity of the instrumentation and rich harmonies create a captivating sound,which will raise the spirits and gladden the hearts......

Horace Silverman and the White Gardenias Josie McDonough Vocals Mike Ridley Fender Telecaster Lucy Falkenau Accordion Karl's Bass Guitar George's Bass Drum Ann Ridley with triangle!