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George Snaith

Drums, Percussion, Cajon and anything shakeable

“I was born in the fifties in Newcastle and my early musical influences were Tommy Steele, The Shadows and a big pile of my big sister’s 78’s.”

“Significant albums that changed my life were Sgt Pepper and the White Album by the Beatles, and Wheels of Fire by The Cream. It was Ginger and Ringo that persuaded the teenage me to play drums”.

“I’ve been playing in Rock and Blues bands ever since.  My musical taste remains eclectic, and my guilty pleasure is the good time music of Jimmy Buffet, along with the accompanying Tequila, Carribean food and Hawaiian shirts.”

“Despite my rock leanings, I love playing with The Gardenias, performing classic songs that deserve to be played live and lovingly interpreted.  I'm very honoured to be sat at the back”.

George Snaith drums and percussion